The S-2 anti-nuclear shelter was created in 1952 by the direct order of Iosif Stalin. Included in the system of strategic dungeons of Sevastopol, where in the event of a nuclear strike, the city leadership and fleet command can hide, several factories and children's schools will be deployed. Maximum capacity is 2500 people. The object has its own sewage system, water supply, artesian well, radio communication, diesel power plant. This is a "city" that can live autonomously for up to three days.
Since June 2018, in peacetime, the object functions as a modern museum of civil defense.

You will see a real underground control center of Sevastopol, as well as an exhibition of technological devices of civil defense of different eras. All elements of the exposure are selected with the utmost care.

The unique object will allow you to feel the atmosphere of life of an autonomous bunker, behind the walls of which the war began. Visiting the museum you can expand your knowledge of the causes of the Cold War, geopolitical and military methods of its conduct. Our guides will advise you.
Total area of the bunker, sq.m
Maximum occupancy, people
Constant temperature in shelter
Guided tours are held every hour.
First: 10:00,
Closing: 18:00.
Duration - 40 minutes.

The ticket price is 300 rubles per adult and 200 rubles - for children (7-14 y.o)

We offer corporate clients to hold a collective training training game.

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Crimea, Sevastopol, Suvorov square, behind the monument.
Excursions from 10:00 to 18:00
Entrance from Suvorov Square
Thematic tours in Crimea and Sevastopol
Crimea occupies an amazing place in world history. This is a geopolitical crossroads at which the paths of various civilizations intersect, as a result of which the destinies of the world have changed. So it was during the time of the Mediterranean colonization, the Silk Road, the civil war in the Soviet Union and the Yalta conference. So it was in 2014.
You have a unique opportunity to learn this history and see all the most important places where the fate of world civilization was decided. Our excursions are not just trips around the Crimea, they are a real journey through all the historical epochs of the Crimean history.
Duration: 1-7 days.
Topics: ancient history, World War II, Yalta Conference, Cold War, architecture.
Locations: Kerch, Feodosiya, Sudak, Sevastopol.
Individual planning.
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